Every aspect of the homes is designed and dedicated to living well; generous servings of private space, the most dramatic panoramic views, a tastefully landscaped environment, unobtrusive state-of-the-art security systems and the company of a like-minded international community of peers.

In all things, a masterful balance is easily struck, between comfort and luxury, social possibilities and private spaces, hi-tech and hi-touch services. In all things, perfect harmony makes life here, sheer pleasure.


Access to the high-speed lift is gained by a proximity card, which only offers admission to the ground floor, first floor and the floor of your residence. The lift doors open into a private lobby, ensuring privacy for the living areas within. And as an added security measure, the entrance to your home is controlled by a comprehensive security system. Once through the doors and into the foyer, your home opens up to embrace you in an expansion of space and air and light. There is a sense of movement in the organic, flowing oval shaped interior that provokes an almost tangible sense of relief and lightness of being.


Floor-to-ceiling glass walls and balconies that wrap around the entire circumference of each home blur the lines of distinction between the interior and exterior. The cool smoothness of marble and the organic feel of travertine add to the tactile pleasure of the interior. While quiet colour, subtle textures and unobstructed internal views add to the sweeping largeness of the living space.

The homes span either the entire floor or half of it,
opening up the interior to unparalleled views,
ventilation and illumination.

    3897 SQ FT | 348.39 SQ M
    2ND - 32ND FLOOR

    Each Sky Villa encompasses half the entire floor of a tower. A feat that very few high-rise homes accomplish.


    The Sky Villa, appropriately named as it creates the sensation of floating in the air, is exactly half of the Oval.

    Each home serves up 3897 sq ft of living space, but the sensation of space may be further expanded as each home may be designed with columnless interiors to allow for unobstructed views.


    SKY VILLA Floor Plan

    SKY VILLA Specification


    7793 SQ FT | 706.06 SQ M
    33RD - 40TH FLOOR

    There are practically no restrictions to the living environment one can dream up in a Mansionary Villa.


    These homes rewrite the rules entirely. There are other high-rise homes that offer 7793 sq ft of living space. And there are other high-rise homes that offer one or two penthouse apartments that span an entire level. But no other residence in Malaysia, and very few in the world offer 16 full-floor homes in a single development.

    Each sprawling Mansionary Villa spans the length and width of a tower. Residents enjoy unparalleled 360 degree panoramic views. Each has their own private lift lobby for the highest level of security and privacy. All share the singular sensation of owning the building.



    MANSIONARY VILLA Specification

The Oval places you at the centre of the most desirable real estate in Malaysia